Some examples of Wallcology –

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What I think about when…

When I think about community, there are many images that come to mind. My thesis was about community and how teacher communities are important in learning and professional growth. I believe in creating community in my classes as it helps students become confident in who they are as individuals. I…read more »

Mr. Reynolds and Alex

This post is a tribute to Mr. Reynolds Alex’s 6th grade teacher (as we get closer to the one year marker of missing Alex). Here is what I wrote in June 2013… Andrew Reynolds is a master teacher at Runnymede Public School. He exemplifies a true hero with a huge…read more »

Story of Alex

Alex has many stories … this is just one of them. James Duthie does an amazing job capturing Alex and his spirit. Alex Shapiro The Fighting Eagle      

Personal Stories

Normally I wouldn’t share these stories…but personal sometimes connects strongly with believe and values. I have two sons. Charlie and Alex. This section is written to honour them and how they have shaped my life.  

Images of strategies

Moments shared by teacher candidates. Doing science.

When to use technology in a lesson

Technology-enhanced lessons require thoughtful reflection about the best pedagogical pattens and the content. The choice of technology should be connected to the learning. Example use of concept mapping tools is enhanced by technology – by incorporated pictures and videos. Example            

Visual Mapping of Where We Are

What do you notice? What do you wonder about? How does creative thinking help students adopt different ways to knowing and understanding science? Click on link to see images.

Habits of mind

The habits of mind – teachers tend to use resources that are ready-made and as is. Which is not entirely bad. Usually curriculum experts (expert teachers, and domain-subject experts, expert editors and publishers) have created resources that are helpful and very appropriate for the content. However, in some circumstances –…read more »

Community of Practice: Inspire

Community of practice offers opportunities for embedded learning. The foundations of this term come Vygotsky (1978) who states that knowledge is socially constructed through shared discussion and interactions within the activities of the learning. In a community of practice, the knowledge is embedded in the performance and the organizational culture…read more »